Agile Product Development

Course Description

4-Day Certification Course

Agile Product Development (ADAPT) is a methodology to develop new and improved products in a quick changing Voice of Customer environment. Existing framework has been tried and tested effectively in the Software industry but very few organisations have successfully implemented Agile product development outside software environment and the Waterfall project management framework is still widespread. ADAPT (Agile Development Activity for Products or Technology) incorporates the Scrum style model in non-software industries i.e. for tangible Products and Technologies.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to enable leaders, project managers and employees to implement Agile Project Management framework for products and technology development process. 

Who Will Benefit?

PMO Leaders, Project Managers, Stakeholders and Project team members.

Course Agenda

This certification course comprises 4-days of classroom training where participants are enabled to manage projects using ADAPT framework or to actively participate in ADAPT Projects.

Day 1: 

Effective Project Management & Introduction to Agile Transformation.  Virtual Project Management  

Day 2:

ADAPT Roles: Solution Owner, Leader, Sprint Squad

ADAPT Tools: Tentative Solution List, Sprint Worklog, Solution Increment  

Day 3: 

ADAPT Process: Sprint, Solution List Refinement, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Daily Stand Up Meeting, Industrialisation 

Day 4: 

Digital Project Management / Change Management / Case Study / Exercise / Certification Assessment

Certification Process

Multiple Choice Test and Team Presentation