Agile Transformation

Course Description

3-Day Certification Course

When we hear the term Agile, straight away software development comes to mind. However in today’s fast changing environment, Agile has spread beyond software industry and now extends to almost all industries and businesses where organisations want to be able to accept and implement fast, changing requirements from customers. Competition is tough as mushrooming start-ups are able to provide fast and quick solutions to customers’ expectations while large rigid organisations are in fear of losing out. So Agile Transformation is the buzzword in the current business environment. But what is Agile Transformation?

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide leaders, managers and employees a clear understanding of Agile and enable them to use it successfully in their business. Participants will also learn to implement Agile in a systematic way based on their specific needs.

Who Will Benefit?

All employees including leaders, managers and frontline employees.

Course Agenda

This certification course comprises 3-days of classroom training where participants are enabled to implement agility into their business based on internal and external customer requirements. 

Day 1: 

How businesses are empowering customers? What is Agile Transformation and why is it important?  

Agile Project Management in the software industry: Scrum, Kanban and DevOps

Day 2:

Agile Project Management in non-software business environment: Waterfall vs. Agile  / ADAPT  /  ACIM  

Agile Process – Direct & Indirect  /  Standardising Agile

Day 3: 

Agile Enterprise: Agile Culture, Agile Mindset / Agile Theme and Strategy 

Case Studies / Team Exercise and Presentation

Certification Process

Multiple Choice Test and Team Presentation