Change Management

Course Description

4-Day Certification Course

The steep growth in technology and globalisation has paved way for the current climate of rapid change. So businesses have to stay relevant, perform better amid mushrooming competition and continue hitting key targets and goals i.e. Change in order to survive.

However, resistance to rapid change is common in organisations and more than 70% of transformation projects end in failure. Hence, a practical change management process is vital for successful transformation.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to enable employees and change leaders to effectively identify the right type of change management model and successfully implement them in different type of transformation activities.

Who Will Benefit?

Functional and industry leaders, change leaders and employees who are leading or participating in Transformation and Improvement activities.

Course Agenda

This certification course comprises 4-days of classroom training where participants will be trained to use different Change Management models to successfully implement transformation and improvements. 

Day 1: 

Kurt Lewin Model: Unfreeze, Force Field Analysis, Change-Transition, and Refreeze

Day 2:

ADKAR Model: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement

Day 3: 

JERES Model: Behavioural Change, Justification, Ease or Enablement, Reward, Emotional Investment, and Social Conformity

Day 4: 

Hybrid Approach / Practical Team Exercise / Certification Assessment

Certification Process

Multiple Choice Test and Team Presentation