Executive Belt Training

Course Description

1-Day C-Level & Senior Leadership Course

The business world is currently undergoing rapid transformation. Industry 4.0 is upon us and organisations want to be able to accept and implement fast, changing requirements from customers. Competition is tough as mushrooming start-ups are able to provide fast and quick solutions to customers while large rigid organisations are in fear of losing out.

As a business leader you are in in the position where your decisions are crucial in driving your business to success or its ultimate demise. Are you equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to steer your business in the right direction?

While it is impossible to predict the future, we can analyse the trends and make informed decisions. The knowledge and tools you require does not belong to any specific function but a hybrid knowledge incorporating Digital Strategy, Organisation Effectiveness, Agile, Value Creation through Innovation, Change Management and the ability to drive improvement by identifying and measuring the right metrics.

Course Agenda

  • What’s next in the Business World? 
  • Vision / Mission / Strategy / Policy
  • Strategy Development & Deployment / Hoshin-Kanri(X-Martix
  • Voices of Customer, Business, Process, Industry, Technology &  Employee (Local & Global)
  • Lean Six Sigma / Agile / Value Creation / Change Management / Org Effectiveness
  • Digital Strategy / Programme Management  
  • Metrics Scope – Profit, Quality, Delivery, Productivity, Time, Cost, Morale, Safety, Customer Satisfaction, CSR / Lead & Lag Metrics / Metrics vs. KPIs / Output vs. Outcome metrics 
  • Leader Standard Work