Green Belt Training

Course Description

2-Week Certification Programme

Continuous Improvement has expanded further than Lean and Six Sigma. Hence we have to think beyond process optimisation, waste elimination, variation reduction and quality improvement in order to gain advantage in the current business climate. This new programme will not only train you to improve your processes but also enable you to create new values for customers through innovation and digital transformation, hence preparing you for Industry 4.0. This one of a kind Green Belt Programme is packed with all the vital skills to take your business to the next level.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to enable employees to effectively use Lean and Six Sigma tools plus the increasingly important Digital Transformation and Agile methodologies to drive Business Excellence 2.0 within their organisation. The Business Transformation strategy will incorporate various Change Management models to support successful and sustainable implementation.

Who Will Benefit?

Employees at all level. All participants will need to identify a project at their workplace after Week-1 and demonstrate their Green Belt knowledge by successfully completing a project and save >$20k in order to be certified.

Course Agenda

This certification course comprises Week-1 of classroom training followed by a week away, where the participants will identify improvement projects in the workplace and return for Week-2 of training. 


  • Introduction to Business Excellence 2.0 / The Banana Solution Case Study  /  5C – Strategy  / PIM / ACIM
  • Key Voices – VoC, VoB, VoP, VoT, VoI, VoE(ORIN)
  • Essential Lean Tools / Six Sigma Methodology§Change Management Models: Kurt-Lewin / ADKAR/JERES
  • Business Excellence Project Management Model 


  • Process Mapping / VSM / VA / NVA / BVA / VC
  • Short  / Medium / Long Term BE 2.0 Strategy
  • Agile Transformation / Digital Transformation Strategy 
  • Metrics Management – Profit, Quality, Delivery, Productivity, Time, Cost, Morale, Safety, Customer Satisfaction, CSR / Lead & Lag Metrics / Metrics vs. KPIs / Output vs. Outcome Metrics  
  • Leader Standard Work / Financial Benefit Quantification

Certification Process

Participants will present their project via webcast where they will be audited from the UK and certified if successful.