Service Quality Management

Course Description

3-Day Certification Course

Quality standards are an important aspect in service industry. While organisations can fulfil a set of pre-requisites to obtain quality certificates, the real challenge is to proactively seek internal and external customer preference, analyse current process and improve service quality.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to enable leaders, managers and employees in the service function and industry to review their current processes with a renewed vision based of customer demands and preference. This course highlights international quality standards and provides a systematic way of analysing internal and external customer requirements, convert them into specification and improve quality of the service offered through an efficient and effective process.

Who Will Benefit?

Frontline employees, change managers, quality managers and employees in the Business Process Function like HR, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Course Agenda

This certification course comprises 3-days of classroom training where participants are enabled to manage and improve service and process quality in a proactive way.

Day 1: 

Common Quality Standards / Key Measures / Voice of Customer / Proactive VoC, Converting Requirements to Specifications.

Day 2:

Service Scope / SIPOC / Process Flow Diagrams / Function Specific Quality requirements

Day 3: 

Service Level Agreement: Service-based SLA, Customer-based SLA, and Multi-level or Hierarchical SLA

Certification Process

Multiple Choice Test and Team Exercise Evaluation