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We take responsibility in Culture Change,  Capability Development, Agile Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Operational Excellence across all areas of your business as well as bringing the best out in people.

Coaching & Training


We offer customised Leadership and People Development programmes including Executive Leadership Development, Agile & Hoshin-Kanri Coaching as well as Lean Six Sigma & Project Management Certification.

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Value Creation


We help companies in their effort to create new values through Innovation and Digital Transformation based on Voice of Customer and Technology, focusing on People, Process, and Data Excellence.


Business Excellence 2.0

  • L: Lean
  • SS: Six Sigma
  • CM: Change Management
  • DT: Digital Transformation
  • A: Agility
  • VC: Value Creation

Here is a simple formula that explains Business Excellence 2.0

Conventional Continuous Improvement model 

(L + SS) * CM = CI

Business Excellence 2.0 model

DT * (VC + A) * (L + SS) * CM = BE 2.0

While you can maintain standardisation and control variation at high and mid-levels of the organisation, Agility and Digital Transformation have to become the core aspect of frontline activity, especially when reacting to customer requirements. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all model but this can be done in any industry with the right strategy and team. Pilot with a single product or service line, learn, expand to other product lines or services.

Contact us to design a customised Business Excellence 2.0 Model targeting the Enterprise Operating Model as well as frontline Value Added Workforce.

What's next in Continuous Improvement? (BE 2.0)


Change Management

The secret to a successful sustainable transformation is not to enforce change but to understand human nature and use it to our advantage to motivate change. Without a customised change management model designed based on analysis of the current corporate culture, transformation initiatives will most likely end in failure. 

So here are the 5 pillars that influence behavioural change to drive a successful transformation in organisations.

JERES Pillars

JERES stands for Justification, Ease / Enablement, Reward, Emotional Investment and Social Conformity. JERES pillars is a framework based on 5 core aspects of behavioural change requirements that are vital for transformation activities undertaken at any level in organisations. This approach is designed to tackle resistance and get a collective buy-in from management and frontline employees.

Contact us to design a customised Change Management Model focused on Corporate Culture Transformation and Organisational Development.

5 Pillars of Change Management (JERES)


Agile Transformation

Agile transformation has a wide scope and can signify a number of aspects of change, e.g. 

  • Agile Project Management to create products and processes based on quick changing customer requirements
  • Agile Process i.e. flexible processes that allow customers to customise products and services based on individual needs and preferences
  • Agile Culture where every employee demonstrates agile mindset empowering them to change in a fast evolving business ecosystem

Agile Project Management can be classified into 2 sub categories:-

Agile Development Activity for Products or Technology (ADAPT)

ADAPT was developed to incorporate the Scrum style model in non-software industries.

Agile Continuous Improvement Management (ACIM)

ACIM is a framework to develop new and improved processes. It incorporates a top-down and bottom-up hybrid approach through a process called 'catchball'.

While the existing Scrum, Kanban or even Srcumban model has been tried and tested effectively in the Software industry, very few organisations have successfully implemented Agile methodologies outside software environment.

Contact us to design and deploy a High Performing Agile Organisation Model based on a customised Agile Transformation strategy and Agile teamwork.

What does Agile Transformation mean in non-software (non-IT) environment?


Strategy Deployment [Hoshin-Kanri]

Do you encounter the following symptoms in your organisation? 

  • Too many projects in process
  • Very long lead times for improvement
  • Constantly missed budgets and forecasts
  • Senior management vision does not match organisational activities
  • Annual objectives are rolled out in March instead of January

If the answer is yes, your organisation is probably trying to do more than it can handle. Some polls suggest up to 70% of organisations try to do significantly more than they can reasonably manage.

This is where Hoshin Kanri could give you a hand. It helps to connect the dots between top management goals and daily work of employees in frontline. Hoshin Kanri facilitates a coordinated process to achieve core objectives derived from long term vision of the company. 

Contact us to empower your team with Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, Hoshin-Kanri, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Problem Solving and Project Management tools and techniques.

The Ultimate Guide to Strategy Deployment using Hoshin-Kanri (X-Matrix)